KarlH Kruse Studio  
After a short studie in the technology of machines, I continued as a
and theoretically as a sailmaker in Hamburg. A profession,
which is old and interesting if you enjoy sealife. From my experience, sailing feels like the right thing to do, but not for long.

A year after the education ended, I moved to Falun where the profession wasn´t known. So I educated myself and started my own business in the Radio and television technology which lasted about twenty years. During that time, I had a lot of inquires about
inventions to help people with disabilities.

But that didn´t last either, because changes is my middle name I became interested in
Interiordesign for restaurants. But the timing was bad. I worked as a consultant for a marketing company in Germany and Sweden, where I grew some new ideas that I got from my father´s and a Swedish building company´s techniques. A very brilliant idea which I later developed theoretically and had it estimated by a Building company in Gävle. Then I continued at the prototype workshop in Säter, where no interest were shown.

A new era started in my life when I painted a schoolwall in Säter, which began my career as an artist. The rumour spred, and I got an offer to paint
railwaystation in Säter with more to come. For example the Welcoming signs in Säter, the Nursery and REHAB center.

To be able to go through with my work I got a
studio at Skönvik.

Nowadays I work with different techniques, as for example digital pictures.


KarlH Kruse

Official commission:    

1995 Woman exhibition

1995 Mental health care museum

1995-96 Säters station building

1996-2000 Säters municipality

1997 Vårdcentralen i Säter

1998 REHAB Center,

1998 Falu copper mine

2000 Film and Biografmuseum

2002 Säterbostäder  

2003- 2005 Hedemorabostäder

2005 Ockelbo church

2005 Hedemora municipality

2006 -2008 Gamla Meken "Artolog" Landstinget Dalarna


Group exhibition:    

1997 Liljekvisterparken

2001 Sätergroup i Säter 

2001 Cultural (arts) centrei Orsa

Dalarnas diamond i Särna

2008 GamlaMeken



2005 Gussarvsyard

2005 Computer which tool  Fornémdata